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You can now see an approximate estimate in our site according to your needs .
Please select the following options :
Static Website (2 page Minimum) $ 40 / page
Basic Design (see examples) Included (no cost)

Advanced Design (see examples) $20.00 / page
Interactive Website (2 page Minimum Includes Advanced Design)
$80 / page
Point of sale $ 600.00

Checkout cart $ 100.00 (requires POS option)

payment Options $800

Total Estimate:

Welcome to our Brand New JavaScript section!
Click on the links on your right, to see a demonstration on Our Custom-made Programs for our customers!
We have all kinds of specific type calculation programs such as Agricultural, Food service, Sales, office and more to come!!

Hello!, my name is Fernando Reyes. Currently asisting computer programing classes At West Hills Community College.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate my job. I think web design should be simple and clean, not too flashy ..aiming to be Elegant

I also develop Interactive websites, using JavaScript. Using the web browser as an universal platform for programming Is my goal, regardless of Operative system or device, the web browser still can save data and perform calculations, and I just think that its awesome!!


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